Legal Issues related to the development, commercialisation and use of mobile applications

Mobile applications (hereinafter referred to as “apps”) are widely used around the world, holding a dynamic and dominant role in the mobile market. As the number of smart-phone subscribers continues to grow, users are aware and fascinated by the powerful virtual world, and apps’ capabilities are increasing rapidly. Smartphones accounted for about 75% of all mobile phones sold in Q3 2015, compared to about 70% sold during Q3 2014 (Ericsson Mobility Report, 11/2015),  and 89 % of the time spent by media users is through mobile applications (Nielsen, Cross Platform Report 4th Quarter 2014). The special features of apps (great variety, high functionality, low cost, availability for free and easy download and easy to use with a simple touch on the screen) have contributed to their rapidly increasing popularity, which is inversely proportional to users’ concerns regarding the several legal consequences & risks associated with their technical and operational characteristics.

Legal theory and literature have not yet established a systematic and consistent approach to the challenges associated with apps. Thus, legal certainty remains a crucial issue for both legislators and judges, lawyers and key players in the app market.

This research project aims to clarify the obscure legal aspects of apps, having set as its main objective to achieve and enhance legal certainty and trust. Absent any unified legal instrument setting clear and understandable rules on the legal issues related to apps, a powerful and innovative methodology is adopted that combines the legal and technological perspective taking into account legal frameworks, jurisprudence and practice in Greece, EU, USA.


This research is co-financed by Greece and the European Union (European Social Fund- ESF) through the Operational Program “Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning 2014-2020” in the context of the project “Legal Issues related to the development, commercialisation and use of mobile applications” (MIS 5004703).